Tuesday, August 16, 2011

week in photos #006

001. I should seriously invest in some sort of notepad for work. Almost everyday I come out of there with my hand and sometimes my arm covered in notes. People at work seem to find it amusing, I find it normal as I always jotted things down on my hand in school.

002. J and I have a habit of stopping by the video store on Friday afternoons, usually for him, but lately I have gotten more into watching movies. I always grab three even though I know I will not watch all of them. I've surprised myself this week by watching 2 of them so far. 10 Things I Hate About You is one of my all time favourite movies. J had never seen it, which is crazy, so we curled up in bed on Saturday and watched it together. Always get a little sad when I watch a Heath Ledger film now. Confessions of a Shopaholic was shit. I read the book ages ago and liked it, but this film was dire. And who doesn't love Romeo and Juliet? Probs one of my favourite films ever made.

003. After missing 3 or more weeks of our traditional Saturday breakfast dates we finally made it out again. We went back to Trevino's as it's my favourite, but sadly this time wasn't as good as the first. Still want to go back for the pancakes with caramelised bananas and bacon. I had initially decided to take myself to Edward Hopper Cafe for a cup of tea and some french macarons before shopping as I couldn't convince the boy to get up and ready, but after I mentioned it he wanted to go for brekkie. Typical boy.

004. Saturdays are our lazy days, which usually means we don't use the kitchen for anything apart from getting drinks. I was craving pizza like no one's business, a big New York style slice with tonnes of pepperoni...ended up getting two vegetarian pizzas instead. And squid rings! Hell pizza has the best squid rings ever. I know they have a couple in London and Dublin, so anyone in the UK should pop in there and try it. I recommend the Cursed and Sloth, so so yum!

005. I've posted about Theobroma Chocolate Lounge at least once before and honestly it deserves it's own post. I'm not a huge coffee shop person because I hate coffee, but this place was like it was designed especially for me. They have the best hot chocolates in ChCh, and I have tried a lot. I had the hazelnut while J had the mint...one taste of his and I have been dreaming about it since. Also had my first whoopie pie after reading about them on countless blogs. Gotta say I loved it. Would like to try my hand at making some, but I'm rather lazy about baking lately.

006. Not only does Theobroma serves drinks but they have a vast selection of chocolates. I could buy one of each and be a very happy girl. I just love looking at the displays and all the different chocolates, love eating them more.

007. I was almost drooling over this window display from WildPair. Wedges are my favourite shoes for spring and summer, and autumn if it's warm enough. I'm in love with every single pair in this photo and if I had unlimited funds I would have them all.

008. I love the taste of bubble tea, but I cannot stand the tapioca pearls. I have a serious issue with slimy jelly feeling things in my mouth, and those are horrible. Luckily for me Jels has ice slushys that are amazing. I always stop there in summer for one, usually peach as it's the best flavour. On Sunday, before the cold and snow moved in, we stopped there so J could get an icy tower. I opted for a pineapple slushy. It was good but didn't compare to the peach.

009. I went shopping on Saturday for the first time in what feels like years. I had set a limit of $100, which I managed to stay under whilst at Dress Smart, then I stopped at The Warehouse for hair colour....2 pairs of shoes and a Harry Potter DVD later I left, only realising I forgot to by the hair colour. I'd been eyeing up these floral brogues for ages but always talked myself out of them. They were marked down to $6 and the last ones in my size so I snatched them up. So glad I did.

010. This is the only chocolate I bought from Theobroma. It was called marshmallow delight and I imagined it would taste like marshmallow creme. It did not. Tasted like white chocolate and nothing else. Disappointed, but at least it was cute.


Vanessa said...

Lovely selection of pics, those brogues were a such a good bargain :)


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