Tuesday, September 27, 2011

what i wore: hazy daze

WAREHOUSE dress; SHANTON cardigan; DIVA rosary; LOVISA bug and bird rings; EQUIP love and flower rings

Actually forgot I had these photos on my camera! Also seemed to have recycled the whole outfit almost a month later, with different shoes. I bought this dress months ago at a massive clearance sale at The Warehouse for around $15. I had almost talked myself out of buying it cause I knew I would hug my body and I tend to shy away from that. I'm glad I didn't thought as it is an amazing dress! It has to be one of the most comfortable things I've ever worn. It can be a bit short when you sit down, but that's easily avoided. Also loved that when I put it on I had lost weight since buying it and it fit better than ever.

I want to wear this loads during summer, but it's a tube dress and I am so not a fan of my upper arms and back. I'm always in a cardi or something, might have to look into getting a summer one just for this dress. The shoes I wore with it are some awesome peep-toe wedges that I bought at The Warehouse, but I wore it with a pair of high heeled clog boots on Friday...they both went great with it. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of the wedges, which I must do as they are so cute!

I have a haul post from some shopping I did last month to come, as well as taking pics of the few things I bought at the weekend. I am so over this whole shopping ban! I went from shopping almost every weekend to two trips in the last two months. It is literally killing me! Cannot wait to get the bond for a flat saved so I can splurge like no one's business!


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