Thursday, September 29, 2011

shopping haul: dress smart (again) & the warehouse

COTTON ON leopard cardigan and black brogues; GLASSONS dress and tank; THE WAREHOUSE floral brogues and wedges

This shopping ban is killing me! Over the last two months I've been shopping twice. TWICE! I went from going almost every week to pretty much nothing. I knew I would have to cut back while we saved to move, but this is torture. My own little version of hell. It doesn't help that Dotti and Glassons have some really really nice things in store either.

Whinging aside...this is the haul from my jaunt to Dress Smart and The Warehouse in August. The Warehouse have some amazing shoes lately. When I saw these I had to have them. They remind me of the 70s so much. I have yet to wear them as the weather has been a load of wank and I haven't been going out much. Our weekends lately have consisted of bbq's and getting the flat presentable for the every sunday open home.

The floral brogues only left my feet during the week as I can't wear them to work. They are the best shoes ever, and only $6. Result! I got the black brogues from Cotton On's faulty section all because they were missing the laces. Truth be told, I didn't care for them with the laces so it was a win-win situation. Only set me back $5. The wedges were around $40 I think. I can't remember if that's the price of them or the other wedges I bought from there, pretty sure they were the same.

The clothes! Oh my god, I was in heaven when I found this cardigan! I have been searching for a leopard print cardi for ages, but most stores were carrying the ones that are that tacky gold-tan colour, which I hate! Saw this one and went straight to the changing room. It was a little pricey for a cardigan, $25 ON SALE! But I knew if I left it I would regret it.

The top and dresses are two of my favourite things ever. I'm not sure if the blue one is meant to be a dress, it is a weird length. Too long to be a top and a little too short to be a dress. I prefer it as a dress, just chuck on a pair of lace shorts underneath and I'm good to go. They are both so comfortable, but oh so sheer. Not really suitable for the winter, but that didn't stop me from wearing them loads. I chuck the cardigan over top, and even wore the floral brogues with the top and cardigan and skinny jeans...clashing patterns and all. They were on the end of line rack at Glassons, which happened to be BOGO free. It was definately my lucky day!


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